Research Uncovers 5 New Risk Genes for Alzheimer’s

Earlier this year, analysis of genetic data from more than 94,000 individuals revealed five new risk genes for Alzheimer’s disease and confirmed 20 known others.

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Urinary Leakage a Treatable Symptom of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

If you are over the age of 50, it’s very likely that either you or someone you know is suffering from urinary leakage, a common symptom of pelvic floor dysfunction.

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Dear Pharmacist: 9 Fantastic Reasons to Eat Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkins can be white, yellow, or green. They’re not all orange! Did you know Antarctica is the only country that can’t grow a pumpkin?

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Social Security News: Social Security Announces 1.6% Benefit Increase for 2020

Social Security and Supplemental Security Income benefits for nearly 69 million Americans will increase 1.6% in 2020, the Social Security Administration announced recently.

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ADA-Approved Foods for Type 2 Diabetes Prevention

The typical American diet leaves a lot to be desired. It’s heavy on calories, saturated fats, added sugars, fatty meats, baked goods, and highly processed grains.

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Savvy Senior: The Long-Term Care Benefit Many Veterans Are Missing Out On

Dear Savvy Senior,

I have heard that the VA has a benefit that can help veterans and spouses with long-term care costs. We recently had to move my 86-year-old father — who served in the Army nearly 60 years ago — into an assisted living facility, and my mom isn’t far behind. Can the VA help?

– Seeking Aid

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COVER STORY: Services Address Wandering in Those with Memory Impairment

For caregivers of people with memory issues, keeping their loved one in a safe space — whether it’s their home or a care facility — is vital to the person’s well-being. But the reality is that 6 in 10 people with dementia will wander away from that safe space at least once.

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5 Unexpected Rewards of Becoming a Caregiver

It’s true, the life of a caregiver can be demanding, difficult, and daunting. I spent seven years of my life in that role, keeping an eye on my wife’s every move.

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Becoming Chronologically Gifted: An Alternative Approach to Aging

Ask a handful of people to describe what comes to mind when they hear the word “old.”

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