Dear Pharmacist: 5 Supplements that Make You Look Younger than You Are

Maybe you thought beauty is only skin deep, but it’s not. A radiant, youthful-looking face is actually an inside job.

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Savvy Senior: How to Cope with Seasonal Affective Disorder

Dear Savvy Senior,

What can you tell me about seasonal affective disorder? I have always hated wintertime, but since I retired and am home a lot more, the dark and cold winter months make me depressed and lethargic.

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COVER STORY: How Seniors Can Truly Benefit from Low-Impact Workouts

Activity is vital at any life stage. It helps children develop correctly, keeps adults healthy and reduces the impact of old age in seniors.

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Advances in Treatment for Big Toe Arthritis Provide Pain Relief, Faster Recovery

The big toe plays a crucial role in standing, walking, and many other daily activities. It makes it possible for humans to walk and run upright, and it absorbs forces equal to nearly twice a person’s body weight when walking.

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Drug Coverage Expansion Would Cover 17,000 More Seniors

In late October, legislation to expand eligibility for the state’s PACENET prescription drug coverage program passed the House and Senate and is now awaiting the governor’s consideration.

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Conference Focuses on Alcohol, Opioid Addiction in Older Adults

Pennsylvania Department of Aging Secretary Teresa Osborne recently attended and spoke at the Phoebe Institute on Aging’s Fall Conference, “Understanding Addiction and Older Adults,” at DeSales University.

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Get Help Navigating Medicare

The York County Area Agency on Aging’s APPRISE program will offer free, personalized counseling during Medicare’s Annual Enrollment Period, which ends Dec. 7.

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Dear Pharmacist: The 6 Best Foods to Eat if You Have Arthritis

If you have arthritis, you know what to expect every day when you get up in the morning: trying to find a comfortable way to sit; grocery shopping, where it’s one painful step in front of the other; or difficulty buttoning your shirt.

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Best Home Remedies for Back-Pain Relief

With low back pain affecting 8 in 10 Americans at some point in their lives, many people wonder what their options are for treating the occasional back pain flare-up safely and effectively at home.

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