Melinda’s Garden: Grow Houseplants with Style and Convenience in Mind

It starts with one plant on a sunny windowsill and then morphs into an impenetrable jungle. You may feel you need a machete to reach each individual plant to water and tend.

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The Beauty in Nature: Crows and Geese at Shopping Malls

Late in the afternoon one day this past November, noisy multitudes of American crows and Canada geese were on a short-grass lawn behind a local shopping mall.

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The Beauty in Nature: North American Jays

We’ve had blue jays in our yard for the more than 30 years I’ve lived at my home. Having blue feathering with black and white markings, blue jays are attractive and welcome on our lawn.

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The Beauty in Nature: When the Tide is Out

Earth’s oceans twice daily rise around the world like a “wave” of people at a sporting event because of the pull of our moon’s gravity.

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The Beauty in Nature: October Farmland

Autumn reminds us that winter is coming, with its short daylight each day and cooling temperatures.

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Melinda’s Garden: Plan Ahead for Amaryllis Blooms All Winter Long

Let amaryllis fill your home with flowers for the holidays and keep the blossoms coming all winter long.

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The Beauty in Nature: Catching Insects in Midair

Several kinds of creatures catch flying insects in midair during summer and autumn in southeastern Pennsylvania. Those species of winged wildlife are a variety of small birds, bats, and dragonflies.

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The Beauty in Nature: Farmland Mammals

Several kinds of mammals adapted to Pennsylvania farmland, giving each species more area to live and reproduce in, which increases their numbers.

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Savvy Senior: Adaptive Gardening: Tips and Tools for Older Gardeners

Dear Savvy Senior,

Can you recommend some good tools and tips for senior gardeners? My 77-year-old mother loves to work in the garden but over the past few years has been plagued by injuries.

– Concerned Daughter

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