The Green Mountain Gardener: Why Houseplants Drop Leaves

Houseplants drop leaves for many reasons, but most are related to improper care or poor growing conditions. Often just giving plants the correct light and temperature, or controlling pests, is all that is needed to prevent future leaf drop.

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The Beauty in Nature: Black Vultures

Though scavengers of dead animals and reviled by some people, black vultures are always clean and not repulsive in appearance.

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The Beauty in Nature: Divergent Woodpeckers

One afternoon this past summer, I noticed a pair of redheaded woodpeckers in a cow pasture that was dotted with trees, one of them dead and lacking bark but still standing.

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The Beauty in Nature: Hawks Hunting Prey on Lawns

I was cooking hot dogs over an open fire on our lawn this past September, when I heard violent scrambling on the bark of a tall Norway spruce tree bordering our yard.

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The Beauty in Nature: Migrant Sharp-Shins and Red-Tails

On blustery days early in October, not so many years ago, when cold wind blew briskly from the north or northwest after a couple of days of rain or sullen weather,

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The Beauty in Nature: Wildlife at Home

I enjoy the wildlife I see daily at home more than any other part of nature.

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