Department of Aging Encourages Older Adults to Reach Out for Vaccine Assistance

The Pennsylvania Department of Aging encourages older adults seeking a COVID-19 vaccine appointment to contact their local Area Agency on Aging (AAA) for any assistance they may need in scheduling an appointment.

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Overcoming the Mask: Tips for Communicating through COVID-19

It can be challenging to communicate through masks, 6 feet of social distance, physical barriers, and other factors due to COVID-19 that have changed daily life.

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COVID-19 Vaccine Now Available to All Veterans Enrolled in VA Healthcare

All eligible southcentral Pennsylvania veterans enrolled in VA healthcare may now receive their COVID-19 vaccine from Lebanon VA Medical Center regardless of their age or previously considered medical conditions for vaccine priority.

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What to Expect If You Get the Vaccine

The vaccines against COVID-19 are here, but many of us have lots of questions about the process of getting the shot.

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No Pandemic Shutdown for Scammers

COVID-19 may have shut down portions of the economy and put restrictions on Americans’ daily lives, but cyber scams and other efforts to defraud people continue to thrive.

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Tipping during the Pandemic

Many workers depend on tips to make ends meet. During COVID-19, tips are even more important, considering the added risks of some jobs.

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Chronic Pain Management Can’t Wait for Pandemic’s End

When COVID-19 halted all nonessential health services, it begged the question: What types of care can’t be delayed? Treatment for chronic pain, for one. Not only is pain management essential care, it’s even more critical during stressful times.

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Grief Relief: Blue Christmas: Tips for Dealing with Holiday Sadness

Though the December holiday season inspires feelings of warmth, belonging, connection, and joy for many people, there are other individuals for whom the month is one of increased stress, sadness, anxiety, loneliness, and depression.

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Savvy Senior: Coronavirus vs. Flu: How to Tell the Difference

Dear Savvy Senior,

Can you explain the differences between the coronavirus and seasonal flu? I’m 70 years old and usually get a standard flu shot but would like to find out what else I can do to protect myself this winter.

– Worried Senior

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