Social Security News: Reaching Social Security during the Pandemic

During the current coronavirus pandemic, we continue to provide help to you and other people in your communities.

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Pennsylvanians Advised of Possible Contact-Tracing Scams

The Pennsylvania departments of Health and Aging are warning Pennsylvanians about contact-tracing scams and emphasizing the need to stay alert as COVID-19 remains a community threat.

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Savvy Senior: Financial Help for Retirees Affected by COVID-19

Dear Savvy Senior,

Are there any financial assistance programs you can refer me to? The coronavirus pandemic has cost me my part-time retirement job and has shrunk my measly IRA account.

– Needy Retiree

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Are You So Focused on Retirement You’re Missing Out on Life?

Mary and Pete saved every penny for retirement. They never went on vacations, they rarely went out to eat, and they lived a frugal lifestyle secure in the knowledge that when they retired, they would be able to live comfortably.

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Social Security News: Coronavirus-Related Medicare Scam Alert

Since older Americans are particularly vulnerable to coronavirus (COVID-19), we want to remind Medicare beneficiaries to be vigilant and take precautions to avoid falling victim to healthcare fraud during this pandemic.

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5 Wise Things Retirees Can Do with Their Stimulus Checks

The stimulus checks sent to millions of Americans have been a lifeline for many.

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Older Adults Reminded of Rights Regarding Stimulus Checks

As Pennsylvanians continue to receive federal stimulus payments as part of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, the Pennsylvania departments of Aging, Human Services, and Insurance remind consumers living in long-term care facilities that these checks belong to them, not the facilities where they live.

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How Credit Scores Still Matter in Retirement

People often dial back credit usage as retirement approaches — mortgages may be paid off, cars accumulate fewer miles and get replaced less frequently, and household spending winds down as the nest empties.

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Tax Time during Coronavirus: What Retirees Need to Know

Retirement and the effects of aging come with a lot of changes, but at least one thing remains constant.

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