Dear Pharmacist: Grilling Lettuce Might Make You Sleepy

This summer, lots of people are barbecuing.

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Tech Talk: Data Backup Considerations

Question: What are my options for backing up my computer?

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Why More Ambitious Seniors are Going Back to School

Historically, most college students have been young adults in their late teens and early 20s. It’s practically a given these days for young people to go to college. But what about the older generations that didn’t have the same opportunities and expectations?

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Savvy Senior: How Seniors Can Spot Fake News

Dear Savvy Senior,

I recently read that seniors are the No. 1 purveyor of fake news on the internet. Is this true, or is it fake news too? If it’s true, how can seniors go about spotting fake news?

– Faked-Out Senior

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Soldier Stories: Sprayed by Shrapnel, His Flak Vest Saved His Life

Pennsylvania native and central Pennsylvania resident Tom Foor nearly perished in Vietnam during an enemy attack.

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Wolf Administration Visits Artist Residency Program for Seniors

Pennsylvania Department of Aging Acting Secretary Robert Torres and Pennsylvania Council on the Arts Executive Director Karl Blischke recently visited the Senior Adult Club’s Artist Residency Program at the Jewish Community Center in Harrisburg to sit in on a professionally instructed art class with local seniors.

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The Happiest State

Where you live may determine how happy you are.

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Bill Would Expand Access to Assistive Technology for Seniors, Disabled

In mid-June, Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA), the ranking member and chairman of the Special Committee on Aging, and Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) introduced the 21st Century Assistive Technology Act, which would increase access to assistive technology — devices or services that help seniors and people with disabilities maintain their independence and live where they choose.

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Tech Talk: Computer Shopping: Where to Begin?

Question: I’m ready to purchase a new computer but don’t know what specifications are most important. What should I look for in my next computer?

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