Savvy Senior: Deciding What to Do in Retirement

Dear Savvy Senior,

I just turned 62 and am financially prepared for retirement, but I’m less certain about how to spend my time after leaving work. Can you recommend some resources or tools that can help me with this?

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Grief Relief: 7 Ways to Grieve Mindfully

Mounting scientific evidence from scores of universities strongly suggests that mindfulness not only reduces stress, but also gently builds an inner strength so that future stressors have less impact on our happiness and physical well-being.

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Tech Talk: Be Wary of Websites Warning of Computer Viruses

Question: What do I do when I’m browsing the web and my computer suddenly flashes a warning telling me my computer has infections and I should call a number on the screen to have them removed?

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Accelerated Resolution Therapy: Help for Prolonged Grief?

The days change when your spouse passes away. The grieving process following this loss doesn’t always move along on a prescribed timeline, as an estimated 10 million Americans suffer from “prolonged, complicated grief.”

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5 Tips for Safe Winter Driving

The 2018-19 winter has gotten off to a quick start for much of the United States. Stretches of cold temperatures and abundant frozen precipitation have already resulted in slippery driving conditions.

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Dear Pharmacist: 5 Supplements that Make You Look Younger than You Are

Maybe you thought beauty is only skin deep, but it’s not. A radiant, youthful-looking face is actually an inside job.

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Grief Relief: Grief Doesn’t Take a Holiday

When my wife, Linda, died earlier in the year, her loss left my family and me feeling confused about how to celebrate because she was the driving energy behind our holiday gatherings.

– Neal

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Tech Talk: Emails: Fake or the Real Deal?

Question: I receive lots of emails on a daily basis, and some emails look like they are from legitimate companies but seem too good to be true. How do I know they’re really from that company?

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Time to Give Up the Keys?

For many older adults, driving is the key to maintaining independence, self-sufficiency, and, for some, even their identity.

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