The Beauty in Nature: Black Vultures

Though scavengers of dead animals and reviled by some people, black vultures are always clean and not repulsive in appearance.

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The Beauty in Nature: Divergent Woodpeckers

One afternoon this past summer, I noticed a pair of redheaded woodpeckers in a cow pasture that was dotted with trees, one of them dead and lacking bark but still standing.

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The Beauty in Nature: Hawks Hunting Prey on Lawns

I was cooking hot dogs over an open fire on our lawn this past September, when I heard violent scrambling on the bark of a tall Norway spruce tree bordering our yard.

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The Beauty in Nature: Migrant Sharp-Shins and Red-Tails

On blustery days early in October, not so many years ago, when cold wind blew briskly from the north or northwest after a couple of days of rain or sullen weather,

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The Beauty in Nature: Wildlife at Home

I enjoy the wildlife I see daily at home more than any other part of nature.

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