Nurse Nancy: Heat Exhaustion, Heatstroke Pose Serious Summertime Threats

In all weather conditions, the body works to maintain a normal temperature of 98.6 degrees. When temperatures are extreme, like on a scorching summer day, it can be even more difficult for our bodies to maintain this ideal temperature.

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The Healthy Geezer: Should Grapefruit Juice and Medication Mix?

Q. My daughter heard that grapefruit juice can be toxic for some people. Is that true?

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GriefShare Support Group Set at Derry Church

GriefShare, a 13-week seminar and support group for people grieving the death of someone close, will be held 5-7 p.m. Mondays, July 17 – Oct. 9, at Derry Presbyterian Church, 248 E. Derry Road, Hershey. 

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Learn How to Protect Yourself from Medicare Fraud

More than 65 million people in the United States were enrolled in Medicare as of February 2023, with more people becoming eligible and enrolling each year.

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Seniors with Anxiety Frequently Don’t Get Help — Here’s Why

Anxiety is the most common psychological disorder affecting adults in the U.S. In older people, it’s associated with considerable distress as well as ill health, diminished quality of life, and elevated rates of disability.

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Protect Your Pet from Heatstroke & Hyperthermia – Even in Moderate Weather

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, hundreds of pets die each year as a result of being left in parked cars.

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Take Control of Blood Pressure

Effectively managing your blood pressure can help reduce your chances of life-threatening medical events, even death.

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Nurse Nancy: Sunglasses for Eye Health

Did you know that it was in the mid-20th century that sunglasses gained popularity? In 1929, Sam Foster introduced his Foster Grant sunglasses on the beaches of Atlantic City.

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Savvy Senior: Free Online Hearing Tests You Can Take at Home

Dear Savvy Senior,

Can you recommend any good online hearing tests? My husband has hearing loss, but I can’t get him to go in and get his hearing checked, so I thought a simple online test could help him recognize he has a problem. What can you tell me?

– Loud-Talking Linda

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