COVER STORY: Still Rolling after More than 60 Years

In 1957, Elvis had a hit record with “All Shook Up”; the Russians launched Sputnik I, the first space satellite; and Lion Bowl, a 12-lane center, was built on the corner of Pine and Martin streets in Red Lion, Pennsylvania.

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COVER STORY: Grateful for the Ride

Nannette Swanson explains that volunteering with Recycle Bicycle Harrisburg has been the perfect solution to the quarantine restrictions.

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COVER STORY: With Safety Still in Sight, Face-to-Face Expos Return

It’s time to emerge — carefully — from our virtual world.

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COVER STORY: Giving Back to Golf

In retirement, some people enjoy collecting items, such as stamps or coins. Some enjoy activities, like running or bowling. And, still others enjoy philanthropic pursuits, such as volunteering at soup kitchens or collecting supplies to send to military personnel overseas.

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COVER STORY: Still Fearless at 62

Joanne Walcerz has joyfully embraced each change in a life journey full of twists and turns — with enough nail-biting adventures for a Hollywood thriller. Her life of growth and transformation is certainly a model for a time of crisis that demands new norms and painful lifestyle changes.

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COVER STORY: All the Colors of the Earth beneath Our Feet

R.J. Harris’s Reading backyard wasn’t just a place to play ball or cut the grass on Saturdays. It was a potential treasure trove.

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COVER STORY: Don’t Fall for Your Old Diet Tricks

Little white lies aren’t so bad when, say — your sister-in-law gifts you with a not-so-great sweater.

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Local Doctors Weigh in on COVID Vaccination for Older Adults

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Solace for Wounded Spirits

Since 2000, 50plus LIFE (previously Senior News and 50plus Senior News) has won more than 130 awards for its editorial content and design.

Here’s a look at an award-winning article from our archives.

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