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Lynda Hudzick - 50plus LIFE
  • COVER STORY: Growing Gratitude for Our Natural Wonders

    “How can you care about something you don’t know about? How can you want to protect and defend something you have not experienced? Why recycle and use your canvas bags at the store? Why plant pollinator plants in your yard?” retired teacher Kathy Gingerich asks.

  • COVER STORY: Life on the Ice

    It all started because of her sister.

  • COVER STORY: A Story to Remember

    Randy Schulz isn’t afraid to be the “worst one in the room” at doing something, as long as it’s something he’s passionate about.

  • COVER STORY: An Unusual Arteast

    Susan Marcorelle-Kroeck has loved art, all kinds of art, since she was in elementary school.

  • COVER STORY: Collecting: The Final Frontier

    Tom Drake calls it his “Trek Rec Room.” In this sacred basement space, his extensive collection of Star Trek items resides, and it’s one of his favorite places to relax and unwind.

  • COVER STORY: Oldies but Goodies

    We’ve all experienced that feeling when we hear a particular song and it instantly transports us back in time to a wonderful moment we’ll never forget.

  • COVER STORY: Ushering in a Home-Run Retirement

    Jim Beamenderfer remembers how excited he was when he first started hearing rumors that Lancaster was getting a minor league baseball team.

  • COVER STORY: There’s No Place like Gnome

    Instead of following the yellow brick road to this magical destination, you will have to travel a portion of the Akron Rail Trail. But the journey is worth it once you come upon the delightful home of Nibbles McGibbles and his merry band of gnome friends.

  • COVER STORY: It’s Beginning to Sound a Lot Like Christmas

    When the people of York hear Whistle Master Don Ryan wrapping up his yearly Christmas concert by playing “Silent Night,” they know Christmas Day has truly arrived.

  • COVER STORY: A Work of Heart

    Around the age of 14, pastel artist Dot Stepenaski became aware of her ability to draw.

  • COVER STORY: Becoming Daisy Plotts

    Jackie Holzel admits she’s always been a bit of a ham and thought she would enjoy performing — but she never really did anything about it until last year, when she decided to take a leap of faith and audition to be part of the cast of the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire.

  • COVER STORY: Just Breathe … and then Move

    Sally McKinney, or “Miss Sally” as she’s perhaps better known these days, has always wanted to make a positive impact on others in whatever way she can.

  • COVER STORY: Second Chances with Second Grace

    Candace Abel has “always had a heart for those who had less than me.” As one way to reach out to others, Abel has adopted 12 girls and two boys (in addition to two biological sons and one biological daughter.)

  • COVER STORY: A Bus Ride to Days Gone By

    What comes to your mind when you think of traveling in a Volkswagen bus? Driving along a breathtaking California coastal highway? Maybe camping in Arizona with beautiful red-rock formations in the background?

  • A Spark that Ignited

    Since 2000, 50plus LIFE (previously Senior News and 50plus Senior News) has won more than 130 awards for its editorial content and design.

    Here’s a look at an award-winning article from our archives.

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