Traveltizers: Skyscraper City

A welcome breeze cools the air as The First Lady, a sightseeing boat operated by the Chicago Architectural Foundation, cruises down the main branch of the Chicago River.

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Traveltizers: Door County, Wis., Where Keeping Healthy Means Eating Pie

The little girl behind me giggles, a deep, throaty “tee-hee-hee.” The woman next to me catches my eye, and we start laughing too. “Heather, sshh,” says the girl’s mother.

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Traveltizers: Eating Good in the Home of Breaking Bad

I’m standing on the observation deck atop Sandia Mountain, surrounded by sky that, in days gone by, I’d have said was the color of turquoise. Thus I’d have paid homage to the Native American culture of Albuquerque, some 5,000 feet below me.

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Traveltizers: Makin’ Music in Macon

“Music is in more than the air; it’s in the town’s DNA,” says my friend when I tell her I’m headed for Macon, Georgia. I soon find that she’s right.

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Traveltizers: Santa Fe’s Summer Markets

I think I’m at a bazaar in India, a market in Mexico, a village in Africa. People in bright traditional garb are weaving baskets, beading necklaces, stitching scarves.

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Savvy Senior: RV Travel Tips in the Summer of COVID

Dear Savvy Senior,

Can you write a column on RV travel for novices? My husband and I have been cooped up all spring and summer because of the coronavirus and would like to take a trip using a rented RV, but we could use some tips and want to be safe.

– Recently Retired

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Traveltizers: Days of Wine and Flowers

I find a patch of green and begin to unpack our picnic basket.

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Traveltizers: Lost and Found in Rural America

I was looking for cows when I saw my first barn quilt.

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Traveling Overseas is Only Dangerous Until You Get There

For some people, worries about crime and terrorism are enough to rule out travel outside the U.S.

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