The Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency and Department of Aging recently hosted a debut screening of “Preparing Together for Emergencies,” a video that prepares older Pennsylvanians for disaster and emergency situations.

Secretary of Aging Teresa Osborne welcomed local seniors to the screening and emphasized the importance of having a preparedness plan.

A PEMA survey from last year revealed that only 26 percent of Pennsylvanians age 65 and older had a plan in place for disaster circumstances.

As a result, the Department of Aging and PEMA collaborated with the Salvation Army and WITF to create an educational video as part of the Department of Aging’s MindMatters series.

“A disaster can strike at any time, and it’s imperative that seniors and their families have considered their unique needs, such as necessary medical equipment or prescription medications, in order to successfully evacuate or take shelter,” Osborne said.

PEMA Director Richard Flinn Jr. also stressed the importance of having a plan in place, keeping in mind that those 65 and older can be more vulnerable if faced with periods of time lacking food, water, or shelter.

“We encourage people of all ages to prepare for emergencies, but as we get older, our needs change, and those needs must be taken into consideration when we make our plans,” said Flinn. “There are lots of resources available to help, but this episode of MindMatters is a great starting point.”

The “Preparing Together for Emergencies” video will be free to view in participating senior centers throughout the commonwealth.

Additionally, PEMA and the Department of Aging encourage older Pennsylvanians and their families to download the “Get Ready Now” three-step pocket guide on emergency preparedness for older adults. You can find additional information on how to be informed, prepared, and involved at ReadyPA (

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