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The Beauty in Nature: Nesting Along Woodland Streams

At least four kinds of small birds raise young along the shores of clear-running woodland streams in southeastern Pennsylvania, as elsewhere in the eastern United States.

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Melinda’s Garden: Lush Peonies Add Beauty and Fragrance to Early-Summer Gardens

Set aside a sunny spot in your garden or landscape for a few easy-care, herbaceous peonies.

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The Beauty in Nature: Common Lawn Flowers

Some short-grass lawns in southeastern Pennsylvania are made attractive and interesting with a variety of adaptable, flowering plants close to the ground.

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Melinda’s Garden: Early Spring Prep for a Beautiful Summer Garden

As winter fades into spring, gardeners can’t wait to get busy in the garden. Pruning, cutting back perennials and ornamental grasses, and preparing the garden for spring planting are just a few of the tasks.

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The Beauty in Nature: Wooded Bottomland Hawks and Owls

Red-shouldered hawks and barred owls are interesting, handsome counterparts of each other; both species live and raise young in wooded bottomlands, often near bodies of water.

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The Beauty in Nature: Diverging Weasels

All members of the weasel family demonstrate that species in any family of wildlife diverge into a variety of habitats to take advantage of foods and shelter in each one. That diversion created the many kinds of weasels found throughout much of the world.

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Melinda’s Garden: Grow Houseplants with Style and Convenience in Mind

It starts with one plant on a sunny windowsill and then morphs into an impenetrable jungle. You may feel you need a machete to reach each individual plant to water and tend.

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Participants Needed for Master Watershed Steward Program

Penn State Extension and the Lebanon, Lancaster, and Dauphin County conservation districts are excited to launch the Master Watershed Steward Extension for the Lower Susquehanna.

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The Beauty in Nature: Crows and Geese at Shopping Malls

Late in the afternoon one day this past November, noisy multitudes of American crows and Canada geese were on a short-grass lawn behind a local shopping mall.

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