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The Beauty in Nature: Farmland Thicket Beauties in Winter

Thickets are a dense, human-made community of young deciduous trees, shrubbery and vines, and tall weeds and grasses growing where they took root in soil that was disturbed, then abandoned.

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The Beauty in Nature: Autumn Poke and Sumac Foliage

Pokeweed and staghorn sumac trees are plants that have red foliage in September and October.

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Tips for Vacating an Empty Nest

Leaving the family home for good can present a real challenge for many older Americans who may still be cleaning, making repairs to, and paying for a large, aging house filled with memories.

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The Beauty in Nature: Summer Birds on the Mississippi

During summer, the many large, broad shallows and mudflats of Lake Onalaska, a large backwater of the Mississippi River in Wisconsin, are resting and feeding habitats for a variety of water-living birds.

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Melinda’s Garden: Preserve Your Garden Produce for Delicious Winter Meals

All your hard work is paying off with a bountiful harvest. Fresh produce is filling your garden, countertops, and refrigerator while the garden keeps producing more.

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The Beauty in Nature: Predators on Our Lawn

I remember at least four kinds of predatory animals having killed and eaten other, smaller creatures on our suburban lawn.

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Melinda’s Garden: Bring in the Birds with These Winning Plant Varieties

Fill your gardens with beautiful plants that produce an abundance of seeds the birds will love. You’ll enjoy the flowers as well as the birds that visit to dine on the seeds. Best of all, there is no feeder to refill or clean.

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The Beauty in Nature: Mother Mink

One sunny spring morning a few years ago, I had the thrill of seeing a beautiful, supple mink, with a mouse in its mouth, dash gracefully across a park lawn and down a woodchuck hole along the Cocalico Creek.

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The Beauty in Nature: Sycamore Apartments

Sycamore trees commonly grow along creeks and rivers through much of the United States, including here in southeastern Pennsylvania.

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