Jay Stanton is RSVP’s Dauphin County Volunteer of the Month. Stanton has volunteered with a multitude of community organizations, including service as a past member of the Hummelstown Borough Council.

VS Dauphin Jay Stanton 600Stanton has served Hummelstown on the Shade Tree Commission, Community Foundation, Halloween parade, and the America in Bloom program.

Stanton is a member of the Keystone College Alumni Board, has been active in fundraising efforts for the Vista School, and received a citation for community involvement from Lebanon Valley College Alumni.

Stanton serves as president of the Hummelstown Elder Express, and through RSVP he is a volunteer driver for this elderly service provider. He currently delivers in Hummelstown for Meals on Wheels.

In addition to delivering meals, Stanton is active in several garden- and horticultural-focused local and regional organizations.

For further information about RSVP’s volunteer opportunities in Dauphin County, please contact Judy Jones at (800) 870-2616 or dauphin@rsvpcapreg.org.

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