Meet Remy, Emile, and Django! These inseparable 5-month-old little heartthrobs are like the furry version of the Ratatouille dream team!

Remy is the gourmet guru of the group, always on the hunt for the finest cuisine. Emile is the easygoing foodie who’s up for any treat adventure. And Django, well, he’s the rat with the rhythm — he’ll bop and dance for treats like nobody’s business.

If you’re looking for three adorable, sweet, and treat-loving companions, Remy, Emile, and Django are ready to whisk you away on a heartwarming culinary adventure of their own. Adopt them today and become the star of their rat-tastic tale.

Please send your application to the Lancaster Center for Animal Life-Saving at, or give the shelter a call at (717) 393-6551 to learn more.

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