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Pet of the Month - 50plus LIFE
  • Pet of the Month: Bernice

    Meet Bernice. This senior gal is in search of her forever home. Ten-year-old Bernice is reported to be dog friendly. In addition, she is playful and energetic.

  • Pet of the Month: Ruby

    Meet Ruby (234666), a stunning 4-year-old spayed female domestic shorthair who has been patiently waiting for her forever home since April.

  • Pet of the Month: Nibbles

    Meet Nibbles (234777), a charming 5-year-old male rabbit who has been patiently waiting for his forever home at the Lancaster Center for nearly two months.

  • Pet of the Month: Holly

    A shelter is no place for senior kitties, and we hope you’ll open your heart and home to sweet Holly.

  • Pet of the Month: Princess

    Princess is the quintessential middle-aged dog. She knows right from wrong, potties outdoors exclusively, and doesn’t need to be crated when home alone because she’s too mature to be mischievous.

  • Pets of the Month: Tracy and Tyme

    Meet Tracy (234844) and Tyme (234844), a delightful bonded pair of parakeets who are looking for a loving forever home together.

  • Pet of the Month: Honey and Hazel

    Sweet bonded piggies, Honey (234570) and Hazel (234571), are looking for a home that’s big enough for two!

  • Pet of the Month: Maxie

    Maxie is a recent arrival at the shelter, and we are still getting to know her. However, we know she is dreaming of finding a home where she will receive the love and care she deserves.

  • Pet of the Month: Leo

    Brave feline Leo is now the longest-term resident at the Lancaster Center. Leo (short for Leona) arrived at the Lancaster Center just before Christmas.

  • Pet of the Month: Buddy

    Buddy is looking for his forever home. He is energetic and loves to run around the play yards.

  • Pets of the Month: Pine and Ambrose

    Spayed female Pine (233941) and neutered male Ambrose (233942) are looking for their forever home together!

  • Pet of the Month: Orla

    Meet Orla! Orla is a super-sweet cat with such a calm and affectionate nature. She has a beautiful white shirt on her gray tabby coat.

  • Pet of the Month: Cookie

    Hi there, Cookie here! I’m a 5-year-old spayed female domestic shorthair. I’ve been at the Lancaster Center for over a month now, getting some much-needed treatment for a bladder stone, but I am now happy and healthy and ready to find my forever family.

  • Pet of the Month: Quincy

    Meet sweet Quincy. Quincy is dog friendly and enjoys calm dogs like himself. In fact, he is friendly with each person he meets too.

  • Pet of the Month: Leanne

    Beautiful Leanne is ready to find her “forever” home and person. She’s always dressed to the nines in her black and whites.

  • Pet of the Month: Bubble Gum and Big League Chew

    Bubble Gum, 5, and Big League Chew, 7 months, are two red-eared sliders who have been searching for their forever homes for more than a month now, but these determined reptiles are still hoping to find a home in the new year.

  • Pet of the Month: Diesel

    Handsome 3-year-old Diesel (232735) is getting a head start on his list for Santa Paws; at the top of his list is a forever home, but rope toys are a close second.

  • Pet of the Month: Chace

    Chace is a handsome young pup looking for his forever home.

  • Pet of the Month: Shelby

    Shelby came to the shelter when her owner died.

  • Pet of the Month: Autumn Rose

    Sweet 4-year-old Autumn Rose (232398) has been with us since the end of July, and we just can’t believe this sweet gal hasn’t been scooped up yet.

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