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Pet of the Month - 50plus LIFE
  • Pet of the Month: No. 175

    Of the 182 cats rescued recently in a cruelty case from a single home in deplorable conditions, he was called Cat No. 175.

  • Pet of the Month: Cookies and Cream

    Cookies and Cream is a 10-year-old UTD/neutered male pit bull. Cookies was saved from being timestamped at ACCT Philly.

  • Pet of the Month: Cider

    I know what you are thinking, how is a girl as pretty as me still looking for her forever home? My name is Cider and I am a 6-year-old spayed female DSH.

  • Pet of the Month: Scott

    Handsome hunk alert! Meet a 1-year-old neutered male named Scott.

  • Pet of the Month: Avie

    Imagine being a blind, 10-year-old dog who somehow ended up stray on the streets and then found herself in a shelter. It must have been frightening, but Avie overcame.

  • Pet of the Month: Abby

    Imagine a picnic on a warm summer day, with lots of strawberries and sweet iced tea, surrounded by friends … does it bring a warm, happy feeling? Well, Ms. Abby brings that feeling wherever she wanders!

  • Pet of the Month: Plaza

    Curvy girl alert! Introducing Plaza, a 2-year-old spayed female.

  • Pet of the Month: Sheila

    Wiggling into April’s Pet of the Month spot is the one and only Sheila! Sheila is a stunning 8-year-old spayed female boxer who is looking for her forever home.

  • Pet of the Month: Mr. Fox

    Mr. Fox is more shy than sly. This beauty lost his home when his owner had to move without him.

  • Pet of the Month: Buttons

    Introducing a gorgeous, curvy girl we call Buttons.

  • Pet of the Month: King Lear

    King Lear may have a regal name and the fetching looks of royalty, but he wants you to know he’s really a simple, go-with-the-flow kind of guy. He’s a dog of the people, loving with everyone he meets.

  • Pet of the Month: Turkey

    Introducing a very active dog named Turkey! A young and active 1-year-old neutered male shepherd/hound mixed breed, Turkey can be described as tall, lean, and handsome.

  • Pet of the Month: Mystique

    Mystique is no mystery at all. Rescued in a large hoarding case, Mystique has healed from the associated neglect and has moved past some initial shyness to become a sweet and social girl.

  • Pet of the Month: Footloose

    Time to cut loose and lose your blues, because this Pet of the Month is Footloose!

  • Pet of the Month: Storm

    Storm has 11 years’ experience being a best friend.

  • Pet of the Month: Scarlett

    Meet “purrty” girl Scarlett! This sweet beauty with a quiet disposition is a spayed adult female. Princess Scarlett so deserves her second chance at “furrever” love.

  • Pet of the Month: Marco Polo

    Purring into this Pet of the Month spot is the marvelous Marco Polo. Marco Polo is a dashing 1-year-old neutered male who loves nothing more than finding the world’s coziest beds and being wherever you are.

  • Pet of the Month: Melody

    Melody is a 5-month-old who is looking for someone to harmonize with. Though she can be a little timid, she just needs a family who will reassure her that she is finally safe and loved.

  • Pet of the Month: Sonya

    Attention, feline folks who have a heart for seniors! Sonya is a beautiful 10-year-old orange female tabby.

  • Pet of the Month: Sandy

    Sandy is a 5-year-old who has a beautiful smile. Playful at our doggy playgroups, she excels at teaching the other dogs their manners in a calm, instructive way.

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