Princess is the quintessential middle-aged dog. She knows right from wrong, potties outdoors exclusively, and doesn’t need to be crated when home alone because she’s too mature to be mischievous.

Princess will engage in play if you want but otherwise, she’s a mellow couch potato with a healthy appetite.

Princess loves car rides, where she jumps in and eagerly sticks her head out the window. She enjoys strutting through the neighborhood on daily morning walks. An easy walk/freedom harness goes a long way with Princess.

If you would like to meet Princess, please bring your family to meet her at the shelter before you take her home.

This golden girl qualifies for our Sponsored by Simba program’s Seniors-for-Seniors offer: no adoption fee for any pet 8 years and up by an adopter 65 years and older.

For more information, contact Brandywine Valley SPCA, 1212 Phoenixville Pike, West Chester, at (484) 302-0865 or

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