March is Adopt a Rescued Guinea Pig Month. Lancaster County SPCA invites you to do just that by adopting Meatball, a 1-year-old female guinea pig.

pet of the month Meatball 700Meatball was surrendered last month by an owner who developed allergies either to Meatball or the fresh Timothy hay she eats every day.

Guinea pigs make great pets. They are social and love to spend time out of their cages, sitting on laps or exploring new territory. Because they are content in cages, guinea pigs can be ideal for those short on time or space.

In addition to a regular diet of pelleted food, guinea pigs also need daily servings of fresh Timothy hay, fruits, and vegetables.

Those wishing to have even more fun with their cavy should consider guinea pig agility. Search for it online and you’ll find lots of adorable photos of guinea pigs on little handmade courses. Many sites also include instructions for building equipment and training your pet.

Agility is a great activity that keeps guinea pigs fit and fulfills their urge to explore. As with any training, be sure to use only positive reinforcement. Training your guinea pig will also strengthen the bond you share with your pint-sized pal.

For more information about Meatball and other animals available for adoption from LCSPCA, visit or stop in the shelter at 848 S. Prince St., Lancaster.


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