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Handsome 3-year-old Diesel (232735) is getting a head start on his list for Santa Paws; at the top of his list is a forever home, but rope toys are a close second.

Diesel came to us with severe skin infections, but with some TLC, this pup is now almost unrecognizable compared to the sad, itchy boy who arrived at the Lancaster Center in September. A home that can keep this stud muffin in tiptop shape and ensure he is always looking his best is a must.

With his newfound lease on life, Diesel has found himself with quite a bit more energy, so a family who can play hours of his favorite game would be perfect for this tug-of-war champion.

Please send your application to the Lancaster Center for Animal Life-Saving at, or give the shelter a call at (717) 393-6551 to learn more.

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