Sheldon the Chinchilla

Calling all exotic pet lovers! My name is Sheldon, and I’m an 8-year-old male chinchilla who loves to run and play.

My previous owner wanted me to find a home where I would receive more attention than she could give me. I’m a very social creature who needs daily interaction and plenty of time to stretch my legs outside of my cage.

I can provide loads of entertainment—watch me run on my wheel and scurry through tubes and tunnels. I also love hopping around on my human’s head and rolling in my dust bath, too! I would do best in a home where I’m the only critter of the cage.

Think 8 years is too old? Think again! Chinchillas can live upwards of 15-20 years!

For more information, please contact the Humane League of Lancaster County at (717) 393-6551. Sheldon ID No. 210998

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