Spring is a time for all things bright and beautiful. As the days grow warmer and the sun shines brighter, it is a time to refresh our surroundings.

Although generally thought of as a winter style, hygge can be enjoyable and rewarding in spring, too. We remove the bulky warming elements of winter and focus on the light, airy spring décor.

The art of hygge (usually pronounced “hoo-gah” or “hue-gah”) is not only a Danish word; it’s a concept.

Elements associated with hygge include creating an atmosphere of warmth, light, comfort, and connection; an awareness and appreciation for the beauty and joy around us; enjoying simple pleasures; and the feelings of coziness and well-being.

With hygge, we surround ourselves with the things that make life good, like friendship, laughter, security, and more tangible elements like warmth, light, seasonal food, and drink.

Spring hygge looks like garden parties with lots of flowers, light colors, and taking shelter from the rain in a coffeehouse.

Here are a few favorite ways to practice hygge during the springtime:


Open the windows. Clear out the stale air from having the windows closed tightly all winter, and let the fresh breezes fill the home with the scents of springtime. Open the curtains and raise the shades, letting the spring light in.


Enjoy time in the sun with a nature walk. After the dark days of winter, nothing feels as good as the warm spring sunshine. Spend time outside soaking up the sun’s brightness and getting a dose of vitamin D.

Experience hygge in the spring by taking a nature walk and becoming fully immersed in springtime sights, sounds, and scents. Be attentive to the little details, like the tiny buds on the trees, the songs of birds, the first robin, or the first crocuses.


Bring fresh flowers into the home. Add a touch of spring hygge to any room with fresh flowers on display throughout the home.

Fresh flowers not only bring in a beautiful decorative element, but they can also make our home smell divine with invigorating scents that are perfect for creating hygge. Scent is such a visceral sense for us humans, and it has a way of getting us to live in the moment. 

And that is what hygge is about: embracing each moment and making it blissful.


Declutter. Spring is traditionally associated with spring cleaning, but that can mean more than dusting and sweeping.

Spring is the ideal time to clear out some clutter in the home and eliminate things we no longer need or want. Reducing extra clutter can go a long way toward making our home feel lighter, fresher, and more enjoyable.


Savor the flavors of seasonal fruit and veggies. Spring is a great time to shift our diets from the heavier, warming winter foods, like root vegetables, and begin to add in some lighter, fresher foods that are in season, like greens, lettuces, asparagus, peas, and strawberries.

Enjoy the spring colors. The vibrant colors of new spring growth and flowers are beautiful. Whether we prefer bright, saturated hues or softer pastels, enjoying a splash of spring color can help us appreciate the season thoroughly.


Create a reading nook. We typically think of autumn and winter when we think of hygge, including creating cozy places to curl up with a good book.

For those who love reading, there’s no reason we can’t make it part of a spring hygge routine. Create an outdoor reading nook in a sunny spot near some flowers to enjoy the warm sunshine and floral aroma while reading.


Remember that the home environment can play a crucial part in how we feel and is often a reflection of our mental state. With hygge, we bring in simple elements that invite relaxation and comfort with easy spring décor ideas.

Celebrate spring hygge with all the new life it brings! 


Nancy J. Schaaf, a retired RN, worked as a school nurse, a nurse supervisor at a men’s prison, and a health educator. She earned her BSN at Edinboro University. She is a freelance writer whose health articles appear in magazines throughout the U.S. and Canada. She can be reached at nancyjschaaf@gmail.com.

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