The Reel Deal: The Glorias

“The truth will set you free. But first it will piss you off.”

– Gloria Steinem

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Tinseltown Talks: Fran Drescher and The Nanny Reunion

Reassembling a dozen cast members from a popular ’90s TV sitcom could pose a challenge for any network, much less an individual. But it was a task Fran Drescher relished.

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It Was 50 Years Ago Today: ‘In the Summertime’

C’mon, admit it. The cheerful, shuffling Top 5 single of “In the Summertime” brought a smile to your face and got your fingers drumming back in the summer of 1970.

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The Reel Deal: Mulan

The original Mulan, released 22 summers ago, featured remarkable animation, well-defined characters, and a memorable soundtrack. It became a runaway box-office success and raked in $300 million worldwide.

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Sixties Flashback: Cycles of Life … and Death

Get your motor runnin’, head out on the highway

Lookin’ for adventure and whatever comes our way

– Steppenwolf

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Tinseltown Talks: Kelly Stewart Remembers Dad Jimmy Stewart

If you don’t think Jimmy Stewart put the classic in “classic movies,” consider these titles in which he starred: It’s a Wonderful Life, The Philadelphia Story, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Rear Window, Vertigo, Harvey, and the list goes on.

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The Reel Deal: Greyhound

As a four-decade veteran of show business, 63-year-old Tom Hanks has earned two Academy Awards, five Golden Globes, and seven Emmys. And now, with the release of Sony Pictures’ Greyhound, he may have to make room on his awards shelf for a couple more.

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It Was 50 Years Ago Today: ‘Mama Told Me (Not to Come)’

“Mama Told Me (Not to Come)” raised many an eyebrow in 1970, when the drug scene was relatively new to middle-class American youth, and nobody could recall such a tune wafting out of radio speakers before.

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It Was 50 Years Ago Today: ‘Let It Be’

“Let It Be” offered a “heads up” message for Beatles fans worldwide: The group is breaking up, and nothing can stop its eventual demise.

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