Lebanon resident Patricia Miller, 71, has been an RSVP volunteer serving in Lebanon County for nine years with Compeer, providing companionship to those in need; four years with PROBE, where she helps with fundraising activities and baking; and one year with Caring Calls, making calls since COVID-19 began to elderly shut-in clients. 

Miller is living with Parkinson’s disease and said volunteering has made all the difference in her life. 

“I so much enjoy the people I speak with and meet,” Miller said. “Volunteering is in my blood.” 

Years ago, Miller felt there was something missing in her life; bouts of loneliness and depression led her to a facility for help, where she asked a volunteer how she could become a volunteer as well. 

“Through volunteering I have become a vibrant, loving lady with a heart for serving others, sharing in their heartaches, sadness, joys, and the love they give back to me,” Miller said.

Miller is grateful for the opportunity to serve and thanks those who have made her earnest volunteer journey a reality. She gives endless time and effort and doesn’t use her illness as a detriment to volunteering. 

Miller is always baking, making food, and making cards for anyone who needs to be cheered up. 

For more information about RSVP, email rsvp@rsvpcapreg.org or call (717) 541-9521.

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