Dave Hunter is a loyal Orioles baseball fan. You will see him sporting his team’s hats, shirts, and jerseys. When he relocated to the Harrisburg area from Maryland, he did not abandon his favorite baseball club, but he did join another team.

Hunter became a part of the CONTACT Helpline Volunteer Phoneworkers team in June 1986. A few years later, he became a volunteer training consultant. Hunter enjoyed bringing new volunteers to the CONTACT team and modeling effective active listening for trainees.

Over the years, Hunter’s support of the CONTACT mission included chairing the technology committee and serving as board president.

He recruited his wife, Linda (a Phillies fan), to join the CONTACT Helpline Volunteer team. She also became a helpline specialist, and they work together to support CONTACT’s fundraising and social activities.

In particular, for many years they organized a walking team for the Highmark Walk for a Healthy Community. Today, they still assist with volunteer training, often doing role plays with trainees to develop their active-listening techniques.

Once retired from the Navy base in Mechanicsburg, Dave Hunter filled in for staffers on the housing line, completing the training necessary to become a housing specialist on the PA 211 line in 2017.

For three years, he worked an hour a day, or one full day per week, or even five days per week during staffing transitions.

Hunter is CONTACT Helpline’s designated hitter. In his 35 years of service, he has always been ready to step up when needed, whether it meant fixing a computer problem, setting up a mail merge, or moving furniture in the office.

Hunter is still an avid Orioles fan. He also enjoys making pottery, gardening, and being a grandfather. Most of all, Hunter likes helping others and making a difference in the community.

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