Helen Meiser

Helen Meiser came to the Lebanon VA Medical Center upon retiring from Cedar Haven Nursing Home after nearly 30 years of service. Meiser has volunteered more than 13,000 hours since 2008.

Because of her and those like her, veterans enjoy picnics, parties, special entertainment, and trips such as bowling, fishing, and dinners, which are the only times some of the veterans leave the hospital.

Meiser, whose son has served in the military for 23 years, pushes wheelchair-bound patients so that they can participate, prepares and serves food, cleans, and does whatever is needed to assist the veterans.

Most importantly, she spends time with them, lifting their spirits and enhancing their quality of life. Meiser does all this at the age of 74, with enthusiasm, endurance, and work ethic unmatched by those half her age.

Meiser says it best: “I just love what I do. I don’t know what I would do without volunteering. I totally enjoy and love all of it!”

For more information on volunteering with RSVP of the Capital Region, please contact Margie Groy at (717) 454-8647 or lancleb@rsvpcapreg.org.

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