Richard “Harry” McDermont, Patricia Egger, and Jody Bray-Duncan have been named Volunteers of the Month by the York County Area Agency on Aging for their ongoing service and dedication to the agency and York County’s older adults.

Penn Township resident Harry McDermont has delivered New Horizons newspapers to the greater Hanover area since he began volunteering with the agency in 2003. He also served as a volunteer ombudsman.

McDermont attributes his enjoyment of getting out and delivering New Horizons to his work history as a milkman in Baltimore County, delivering milk to community residential homes.

“I just like to help people. I always have. It gives me something to do in my spare time,” he said.

McDermont believes that people considering volunteering should just do it.

“You are ‘doing good,’ and you’ll find that you enjoy it,” he said.

Patricia Egger, of Chanceford Township, said she likes being involved with programs designed for the needs of seniors. Egger serves on the YCAAA Advisory Council, in the APPRISE program, and with the York County Senior Games.

Egger believes in getting involved.

“It helps to keep your perspective fresh, keeps the mind working on new things, and provides support to others who could end up having a better outcome because of your involvement.”

Manchester Township’s Jody Bray-Duncan volunteers as a friendly visitor.

“I come from a large family that was very giving to others in need,” Bray-Duncan said. “Everyone, rich or poor, ‘takes’ from society, and volunteering is one way to show a sense of appreciation.”

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