Ruth Hartnett, Dean Wise, and Shirley Kinard have been named Volunteers of the Month by the York County Area Agency on Aging for their ongoing service and dedication to the agency and York County’s older adults.

Over the years, Springettsbury Township resident Ruth Hartnett has served on the YCAAA Advisory Council and as a volunteer ombudsman. She has played an important role in assisting and advocating for York County’s older adults.

“Life is short and slips by quickly, so if you share your time with others, you will meet wonderful people and make this world a little better for them and yourself,” Hartnett said. “I am pleased to have participated in advising our seniors.”

York Township resident Dean Wise attributes his history of leadership roles in high school academics and athletics to his community leadership roles today.

He is a certified tour guide at the York County Judicial Center. He also volunteers as a substitute delivery driver, distributing New Horizons bundles in the community.

“(Volunteering with YCAAA) is a great way to give back to the community, and it provides an ‘outlet’ for needed extra-occupancy activities after retirement,” Wise said.

“It provides a means of interacting with others outside the usual social contacts at home, in my neighborhood, and at church.”

Shirley Kinard, from York city, feels that everyone is placed in this world to help others. She volunteers as telephone reassurance, performs AARP tax phone calls, and attends to other general office work.

She enjoys reading, music, and spending time with her grandchildren.

“I have always enjoyed helping older people,” Kinard said. “I was a home health aide for older adults for 16 years. It feels good to help, and so many people need assistance in some way.”

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