Pet of the Month: Dewie Wants New Home in New Year

If your New Year’s resolutions include making a lifetime friend and taking more time to relax, consider adopting Dewie, a master at both.

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Pet of the Month: Coco

As the seasons change and the nights grow chilly, skip the mug of hot chocolate and grab Coco instead!

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Pet of the Month: Rex Needs a Renaissance

Do you love the idea of having a dog but don’t know if one could fit your lifestyle? Consider a small dog like Rex, a stray, 8-year-old male terrier mix who loves walks and sitting on laps.

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Pet of the Month: Ruca

“Hi, hi, hi! I’m Ruca! My friends at the shelter joke that I’m so spunky that I’m practically a can of Red Bull with four furry legs!

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Pet of the Month - Baby

Want to lower your blood pressure, prevent depression, lower your risk of heart attack, and boost your immune system? Adopt a pet. Research studies repeatedly show that owning a pet can have these health benefits and more, and it doesn’t have to be a big pet.

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