Anyone interested in developing healthy habits and increasing stamina can take part in a free Penn State Extension virtual walking program called “Everybody Walk Across Pennsylvania.”

The statewide program will take place April 1 through May 27; it aims to harness social support to achieve healthy lifestyle goals.

Participants may walk individually or with family, friends, coworkers, or even their dogs in teams of up to five. Each individual or team member will aim to walk or exercise an average of 10 miles a week for eight weeks.

Participants can walk at a time and place convenient for them, such as a park, neighborhood, or yard. Weekly emails sent to participants will include motivators to keep walking and strategies for eating healthily.

“Everybody Walk Across Pennsylvania” is not competitive and is intended to help participants improve their own physical activity levels.

Participation is free, but the deadline for registration is March 29. More information is available on the Penn State Extension website at or by calling (877) 345-0691.

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