The Susquehanna Regional Transportation Authority (SRTA) has formed its new transit authority as the result of a regionalization between rabbittransit and Capital Area Transit (CAT).

rabbittransit began a management contract with CAT for oversight of the organization in 2018. Over the course of three years, the organizations collaborated to identify best practices and standardize procedures to enhance mobility for area residents.

In early 2021, both authorities held public meetings, and the respective boards of directors approved the direction of regionalization.

“We all should be very proud of our accomplishments and be very proud of the fact that our constituents ultimately will be the recipient of a comprehensive, cost-effective, and rational transportation system,” SRTA Chairman Raymond Rosen said in an address to the new board.

The new authority named Richard Farr as the executive director of SRTA. Farr currently serves as the executive director for both rabbittransit and CAT.

Advantages of the new authority include leveraging the buying power of a larger organization, eliminating duplicative operations, and having greater opportunity to qualify for discretionary grants. 

“In many ways, we have already been functioning as one system,” Farr said. “Ultimately, it’s about advancing mobility for the region.”

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