Retirement Brings Extra Time — Make the Best of It

Singer Jim Croce longed to put time in a bottle.

Retirees aren’t always certain what it is they long to do with time, but one day they stop working and find they have a barrelful of it.

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Back on the Road: A Driver’s License Guide for Seniors

The majority of driver’s licenses in the United States are issued to teens and young adults under the age of 25. However, senior citizens who have taken hiatuses from driving may find themselves needing to get back on the road.

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Grief Relief: A Dozen Guidelines for Coping with Loss

After her husband, Jay, died, Sherry Cormier, Ph.D., a psychologist and professor of counseling, took time to grieve, reflect, and then publish an excellent book that is a combination of memoir and grief self-help.

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Department of Aging Awards $2 Million in Grants to Senior Centers

The Pennsylvania Department of Aging recently announced it has awarded $2 million in grants equally among 405 Area Agency on Aging-affiliated senior community centers for the fiscal year 2020-2021.

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Savvy Senior: How Robotic Pets Can Help Isolated Seniors

Dear Savvy Senior,

I recently read an article about robotic pets being a great substitute for pet-loving seniors who can’t have or take care of a pet any longer. What do you think of this?

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Caregiver Resources Available during Pandemic

The Pennsylvania departments of Aging and Human Services are reminding Pennsylvanians who serve as caregivers for either a family member or a close friend that there are resources available to help them as the number of COVID-19 cases continues to rise.

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22 Cybersecurity Habits Every Computer User Must Acquire

Did you know that approximately 6.85 million accounts get hacked every day? This is 158 accounts per second!

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Fun Facts about January

January symbolizes new beginnings and fresh hopes for all of us. As you celebrate, consider some of these facts about the first month of the new year:

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’Tis the Season: What We’re Celebrating this Month

December is a month of holiday celebrations crossing different cultures and nationalities. Here’s a quick snapshot of what people celebrate, and why:

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