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Booming Voice: Heart to Heart

Recently, during my 9-year-old Boston terrier’s second echocardiogram appointment, I was not, unlike the first appointment, focusing on the intimacy of Cookie’s beating heart tissue and blood flow on the screen.

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My 22 Cents’ Worth: Inspiration from the Afflicted

In her book, Destiny of the Republic, historian Candice Millard offers a remarkably profound observation attributed to President James Garfield:

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Older but Not Wiser: The Spin

After listening to politicians for the past year, I realized something very important: I should stop listening to politicians.

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Such is Life: For All of Us Worriers

My eyes are bleeding.

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Booming Voice: Grass over Turf

As a grade schooler in the late 1950s, I really missed my dad on Saturdays. Dad would close down his dental practice at noon, come home, and then jump into a car with Grandpa and a few racing pals and head to the local horse track.

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Older But Not Wiser: Grandpa Screws Up – and Then Saves the Day!

I took my 4-year-old granddaughter, Summer, to the bookstore to find some paperbacks that I would read to her.

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Booming Voice: Traditional Reading

This past Chanukah I gave my 21-year-old son, Matt, a gift of a book. Compared to Matt’s other gifts of cool clothes and a Budweiser can candle, I feared that the book would be rated a distant third.

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Such is Life: Just Another Routine Day

If I ignore the simple things, I’ll be ignoring most of my life.

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On Life and Love after 50: Recent Widower Tries Dating, Finds it’s Too Soon

Often, widowers contact me with questions about mature dating. Last month, Steve, a recent widower, emailed.

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