My significant other of 25 years, Greta, passed away last year. The loneliness was overwhelming.

So, six months ago, I began online dating. One of the most unexpected revelations was the number of women’s profiles that feature their dogs.

A woman might post five photos to her profile. Often, the dog is solo in two or three of those pictures. Or the woman is holding the dog in her arms.

To be fair, there are many single older men who also have dogs or other pets. I’ve wondered if a guy, while walking his dog, meets someone with a dog, do the dogs have to like each other for the couple to have a match or committed relationship?

I asked my widower buddy Jim, 74, who has a dog (named Hilton) and horses.

He said, “Oh yeah, the dogs must be as compatible as the owners.”

During my dating, I’ve met dogs named Chanel, Buster, Milo, Bandit, Mukluk, Jack, and Bootsy, to name a few, and I’ve liked them all. But that doesn’t mean the dogs’ owners liked me. It’s surprising how many dogs show up on a first date.

Carol, a widow, said, “I live with three dogs. They are my roommates, therapists when needed, protectors, and best friends. They bring and share with me unconditional love, something senior daters seek. Men have failed over and over to provide me with that type of love.

“Dogs don’t care what you look like in the morning. My Labrador loves my morning breath, greeting me each morning with the joy and love that only dogs can give. When I meet a potential mate, to proceed to a second date, he must like dogs!

“Let your dog meet your new friend, and the dog will tell you if this is someone worth your efforts or not.”


Tom’s comment: Oh, wow. If that’s the case, that the dog approves a second date, I guess I should take the dog out for coffee instead of the woman.


Another widow, Jackie, emailed, “I ‘live alone’ with a dog, a toy poodle that I’ve had for 13 years. And I had another one before her.

“My husband has been gone for several years. I don’t know what I would do without my Daisy. I talk to her just like I would talk to a kid and am sure she understands everything I say to her.”


Tom’s comment: Going forward, instead of arriving at a woman’s front door with a dozen red roses, I’ll bring a bag of doggie treats to get the dog’s approval.


Also, if you are allergic to dogs, you are kind of out of luck in the senior dating arena.

One woman brought her dog to my home. Within minutes of checking out the house, the dog jumped into my leather swivel office chair. And went to sleep. Too bad he couldn’t help me write an article. When the woman and her dog left, the dog didn’t tell me if he liked me or not.

I end today’s column with this dating tip for older men. If you meet a potential partner who owns a dog, and you want to see them again, whether you like the dog or not, tell her you love the dog, along with offering the dog those doggie treats. It will improve your chances of getting a second date.


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