With spring in the air and the COVID-19 pandemic easing, single seniors are starting to think about romance.

Sonia, a Pennsylvania resident, recently emailed me: “I’ve read your articles for years and love them. I am 63 and would like to date someone my age or some years younger.” 

I replied: With winter behind us and COVID cases declining, singles will find it easier to meet potential mates as people reenter the dating scene. I suggest you focus on meeting someone who lives within a 50-mile radius of your Pennsylvania home, which would be within a reasonable driving distance.

Long-distance relationships for seniors are difficult; they often require traveling by airplane to see each other. Here are four tips for you to meet potential partners.


1. Try online dating. No masks required. In fact, masks are discouraged. We haven’t heard that said in a while!

Use sites that cater to older adults, such as Silver Singles, eHarmony, Senior Dating, or OurTime (owned by Match.com). Most sites will charge a monthly fee. POF (Plenty of Fish) doesn’t initially charge unless you upgrade, but it has a reputation for lots of scammers.

When using dating sites, keep your search area within the suggested 50-mile radius.

And speaking of scammers, be careful no matter what online site you choose. There are scammers on every site. They prey on lonely seniors, primarily widows, so there is risk in online dating.

Trust your instincts. If a man sounds too good to be true, he likely is. If you find someone of interest, do background research on that person to be sure he is who he claims to be. Don’t ever send a stranger money.


2. To meet new people, get off the couch. Get out of the house and involved in activities you enjoy. When senior singles venture out, their chances of meeting a possible mate increase.

If you see a man who appears to be single — no wedding ring, for example — and he appeals to you, be assertive by saying hello or asking him a question like, “Which wine goes best with this salad?”

Start a conversation by being assertive — not aggressive. Be pleasant; always smile. Smiles help open many doors.

Also, volunteering is a wonderful way to meet new people. And you’ll be helping others as well.


3. Network. Ask your friends, co-workers, and acquaintances if they know of someone who is near your age and single and who might be a nice mate for you.

And don’t stop asking, because as we age, people’s lives change in an instant. Some become widows or widowers, and others have relationships that end.


4. Attend classes. When the weather is warmer, you can sign up for classes such as tai chi, yoga, and pickleball, for example. You’ll get exercise, and you’ll meet new people.

So, Sonia, be as visible as possible. Keep your expectations in check. Don’t go out with the express purpose of meeting a partner. Go out to enrich your life. Be friendly and have a positive attitude. Don’t give up hope.

Sonia shared her photo with us. If any of our Pennsylvania-area readers would like to contact her, email me at tompblake@gmail.com, and I will forward the email to her.  


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