Every Friday morning, I publish a free weekly e-newsletter titled, “On Life and Love after 50.” It is emailed to approximately 2,100 readers, many of whom live in Pennsylvania.

The readers are mainly age 60 and older, with several in their 70s and 80s. I encourage them to respond to the articles with their comments, questions, and experiences.

Of course, the COVID pandemic has changed their lives. Many are staying home as much as possible.

So, I thought I’d provide them with a little fun by sharing a 30-question, multiple-choice doo wop quiz (music from the 1950s-1970s) and asked them to report how many answers they got right.

I had more than 50 responses, all telling me how many answers they got right. The readers indeed had fun. No one scored a perfect 30.

I was surprised with how many seniors mentioned their love of music from back then. Also, it was the most responses from men I’ve ever received to any article I’ve written in 26 years.

But what surprised me most was that some took the opportunity to comment on their life experiences and current relationships as they reach 70 and older.

For example, Nancy wrote, “I got 25 questions right, not bad for someone nearing 80.”

I responded to her. “Good job on the quiz. Nearing 80, you’re still a spring chicken.”

She replied: “Don’t know about the spring chicken but am in great health, worked until I was 70, just sold my townhouse last year. Always dreamed of living ‘on the water,’ found a log cabin on Lake Ontario in northern New York. Totally renovated and am living my dream.

“Met my partner online 10 years ago. We sold his place and my townhouse, and we love the lake and our three French bulldogs. Not really a love match, but being partners in life at this age suits us. We have common interests and goals.

“We both had spouses in the past. He lost his wife, and I was divorced 20-plus years ago. We are looking forward to this COVID debacle being over so we can check out the towns around our North Country region and the St. Lawrence River communities.”

And John said, “I was a DJ in the ’70s and ’80s in Lewistown, Pennsylvania, for two years and then DuBois, Pennsylvania, after that, and later filled in on a doo-wop program, so I knew most of the answers. This was fun.”

Beckie said, “That oldies test was fun. My partner, Ray, and I graduated high school in 1967, so some of the earlier ’50s songs were not quite so easy. When I was in junior high, we had a cheer routine to ‘Rock around the Clock.’ I can still remember some of those moves from nearly 60 years ago!”

The quiz put smiles on lots of faces during these difficult times.

Here is the quiz link, which is on the Saint Louis Park (Minnesota) high school class of 1958 website: www.classcreator.com/St-Louis-Park-MN-St-Louis-Park-Sr-1958/Doo-Wop-Trivia-Quiz.htm


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