Savvy Senior: Income Tax Filing Requirements for Retirees

Dear Savvy Senior,

What are the IRS income tax filing requirements for seniors this year? I didn’t file a tax return the past two years because my income was below the filing requirements, but I got a part-time job late last year, so I’m wondering if I’m required to file this year.

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5 Steps to Help Ensure You Will Have Enough for Retirement

For many years, financial planners have espoused general formulas for determining the amount of income retirees will need.

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Social Security News: Is it Medicare or Medicaid?

A lot of people have a difficult time understanding the difference between Medicare and Medicaid. Both programs begin with the letter “M.” They’re both health insurance programs run by the government.

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Social Security News: ‘Wounded Warriors’ Site Supports Veterans

Supporting veterans and active-duty members of the military is a key part of Social Security’s mission. Our disability program has helped countless wounded warriors and their loved ones.

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From the Office of Aging: New Medicare Card Design Coming in 2018

Recently, the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services revealed its new Medicare card design, which will remove Social Security numbers in an effort to combat identity theft and strengthen fraud protections.

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Wartime Vets, Surviving Spouses May Qualify for A&A Benefit

For many aging or disabled veterans who need help with activities of daily living, finding the funds to pay for the care they need is a common concern.

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How to Grow Social Security Benefits Beyond Retirement Age

For more and more Americans, reaching retirement age no longer means the end of an active working life. Many people are choosing to work past the age of 65, according to the Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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Donation Options for Nonprofit Giving

Interested in making a donation to a nonprofit? The following are the four primary methods donors use to support causes they value while adding meaning and purpose to their own legacies.

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Medicare Open Enrollment Clinics Available

Apprise counselors will be available at these events to provide assistance with Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D plan comparisons and enrollments.

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