Many workers depend on tips to make ends meet. During COVID-19, tips are even more important, considering the added risks of some jobs.

U.S. News & World Report shares these guidelines for tipping service workers:


Grocery deliverers. People who work for Instacart and the like rely on tips. Although some of what you pay goes to the delivery person, it may not be very much. Consider tipping at least 20% or more to your order.


Delivery drivers. U.S. Postal Service carriers aren’t allowed to accept tips, but you can still leave something for them when they deliver packages to your door. Wiped-down bottles of water, containers of hand sanitizer, or individually packaged snacks can show your gratitude.


Restaurant workers. When you order takeout, consider doubling the usual 5–10% tip for the people who bring the food to your car or run the cash register.


Healthcare workers. You’re not going to hand your doctor or nurse a $20 bill, but you can show your appreciation in other ways. Thank them generously, and write a note to their supervisor explaining what a good job they did and how satisfied you are with their help.

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