Starting a new career is always difficult, but the challenges can be even more daunting when you’re over 50. Don’t be discouraged, though. AARP has some advice for getting hired when you’re no longer a spring chicken:


Review your résumé. Remove any mention of age from your résumé. Take out graduation dates and list job experience from just the last 15 years. Update your email address so you’re not using an old AOL or Yahoo account.


Emphasize your job skills. Instead of just listing job titles and responsibilities, fill your résumé with the actual skills you’ve acquired throughout your career.

Résumé-screening software will look for keywords, so find out what employees are looking for, and use the right vocabulary to attract their attention. Look for words or phrases that come up often in job postings, and incorporate them into your résumé.


Network with younger people. Without neglecting contacts you’ve known for decades, build relationships with younger people who know your work and can point you toward opportunities to use your skills. Learn from them so you can stay on top of current trends in technology and your industry.


Highlight your mentoring skills. You may appeal to employers by showing that you’re capable of guiding younger people. Market yourself as a mentor by discussing how you’ve coached people to improve their own skills. This shows that you can work with people of every generation.

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