Chances are we’ll be living with COVID-19 for a while — sometimes literally.

What should you do if someone in your household gets sick? The NPR website offers this advice for staying safe:


Physically isolate the person. Designate a room or area where the patient can separate him- or herself from the rest of the house, including pets. Ideally, the space should have a door that can stay closed throughout the day and night.


Maintain emotional contact. Don’t leave the person hanging. We all need contact with friends and family, even at a distance. Talk as much as you can, and encourage phone calls and Zoom sessions.


Be careful in the bathroom. If you have to share a bathroom, exercise caution. Don’t go into the bathroom right after the patient has used it.

Open a window or turn on a fan to clear the air. If possible, the patient should wipe down all surfaces before leaving — doorknobs, faucets, toilet, countertops, light switches, and anything else he or she might have touched.


Keep the person out of the kitchen. You or someone in your household should prepare meals and take them to the patient. Wear gloves; wash dishes in hot, soapy water or in the dishwasher; and wash your hands immediately after handling dishes or utensils.


Do the laundry. Wash clothes in as hot a temperature as they’ll stand to kill any traces of the virus. Dry them completely.

Don’t let the patient’s clothes linger in a pile on the floor — wash them as soon as you can. If you have a hamper, put a washable liner or a disposable trash bag inside it.

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