Dehydration can be a serious health issue.

Without enough water, your body can’t keep your temperature steady and eliminate waste efficiently. You feel tired, suffer headaches, and your mood and ability to focus may dip.

Here are some symptoms to watch for, from the WebMD website.

Thirst is an obvious sign, along with a dry mouth and tongue.

Lack of regular urination is also a symptom, and when you do urinate, the liquid will be dark and/or smelly.

Dizziness, a faster heartbeat or breathing rate, and increased irritability may also be present.

How much water should you drink? Some experts advise eight glasses a day, though others say that’s only a rough estimate, not an absolute rule. Drink when you feel thirsty, depending on how active you are and your general health.

Call your doctor if you experience: diarrhea for more than 24 hours; dizziness, confusion, or faintness; difficulty keeping fluids down; lack of energy; or fast heartbeat or breathing.

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