The Pennsylvania Department of Health and Penn State Extension will be providing free water testing for a limited number of private wells, springs, and cisterns in Lebanon County.

Each water supply will receive testing through a state-accredited water-testing laboratory for coliform and E.coli bacteria, nitrate, manganese, arsenic, lead, copper, barium, and sodium.

Registration will be limited to approximately 35 households. Each household must own or rent a primary residence (no camps) in Lebanon County that uses a private well, spring, or cistern for a drinking water supply.

Registrants are required to attend a one-hour initial webinar at noon on May 2 to learn about the testing program.

Afterward, homeowners can pick up a water-testing kit during business hours any day the rest of that week. The kit must then be returned between 9 a.m. and noon the following Monday, May 9.

The kit pickup/drop-off location will be in the South Lebanon area; full details will be provided during the webinar.

Optional follow-up webinars will be offered to provide interpretation of results and to answer questions.

Registration and further information is available at or by calling (877) 345-0691.

For questions about the program, contact Jennifer Fetter at (717) 921-8803 or

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