Lancaster County Office of Aging is urging residents with Medicare to schedule a free “Medicare checkup” with PA MEDI volunteers in advance of this year’s open enrollment period, Oct. 15 – Dec. 7.

Medicare providers often make yearly changes to cost and coverage. Medicare beneficiaries can meet with a Lancaster County PA MEDI-certified volunteer for a free, confidential, and unbiased review of their plan during annual open enrollment.

Those with Medicare policies should check the mail for important notices from Medicare or Social Security.

During an appointment, PA MEDI counselors can help individuals review their Medicare coverage materials to note any cost or benefit changes and consider their Medicare coverage needs for 2022. 

During open enrollment, people with Medicare can switch Medicare Advantage plans to another Advantage plan or to original Medicare. They can also change Part D prescription drug plans.

Changes made during open enrollment will go into effect Jan. 1, 2022.

Those turning 65 or new to Medicare can also meet with a counselor any time for an “Introduction to Medicare” presentation or to get information. Volunteer counselors can answer questions about enrolling in a required-by-law prescription drug plan or a GAP/supplementary plan.

Set up an appointment with PA MEDI at their Lancaster County Office of Aging office, 150 N. Queen St., Lancaster, or at one of many local sites available throughout the county during the open enrollment period.

For more information, contact Kim Skinner, PA MEDI coordinator with Lancaster County Office of Aging, at (717) 299-7979 or                                                                      

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