Little-Known Veterans Benefit Can Alleviate Care Costs

For many aging or disabled veterans who need help with activities of daily living, finding the funds to pay for the care they need is a common concern.

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Veterans’ Expo & Job Fair Returning to Lancaster in November

Area veterans of all ages, active military, and their families are urged to attend the Veterans’ Expo & Job Fair, a free, one-day event from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 15, at the Spooky Nook Sports, 2913 Spooky Nook Road, Manheim.

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Agent Orange: What Vietnam Veterans Can Do to Help Future Generations

No one noticed it at first. The herbicide used to clear tracts of rainforest during the Vietnam War was given the name “Agent Orange” for the brightly colored stripes on the barrels. And while it did its job of killing vegetation, it also was doing something else in the DNA of men and women who served in the Armed Forces.

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Salute to a Veteran: For Him, His Time in the Navy Was a Life-Changer

When George T. Heidig says, “The Navy saved my life,” he doesn’t mean it saved him from death. He means it saved him from the worse-than-hopeless path his life had taken to that point.

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Salute to a Veteran: He Flew the Dreaded Hump, Delivering Supplies that Kept China in the War

When Newton Dana graduated from Trenton High School in 1941 at age 17, he enrolled at Ohio State University. But by the end of his sophomore year there, the draft was about to pay him a visit.

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Salute to our Veterans - Col. Robert D. Wilcox book order form

It is with heavy hearts we note the passing of Col. Robert D. Wilcox on April 2, 2017. At age 95, his was a life long and well lived.

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