Although your chances of being burglarized are low, it does happen.

Unless you have a safe guarded by laser beams for your priceless heirlooms, try some of these tricks for hiding your valuables:

Bookcases. Many bookcases have a few extra inches of space beneath the bottom shelf, hidden behind some molding. Remove the molding and store valuables there.

Light switches and electrical outlets. Turn off your power and remove the plate. You’ll find a small space where you can deposit small items for safekeeping.

Ironing boards. You can hide important documents between the board and the padding. Also, the hollow area inside the legs (pull off the rubber or plastic pads) can be used to store rolled-up cash or small items.

Spice jars. Pour the spice into a bowl. Then coat the inside of the jar with glue. Refill the jar and then empty it again. Make sure the jar looks like it’s full of oregano (or whatever you used) and place money, credit cards, or other valuables inside.

Trash cans. Place important items at the bottom; then use a liner to conceal them.

Dirty clothes hamper. Most thieves won’t want to sift through soiled clothes.

Vents. Your heating and air-conditioning vents can make useful hiding places. Burglars won’t want to waste time and risk capture unscrewing each vent.

Decoys. Keep a small wad of cash someplace where a would-be burglar is likely to find it. Thieves in a hurry will snatch it and go, leaving the rest of your valuables behind.

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