Things get harder as we age, and career progress is one of them. Ageism is a problem for older people in any industry, whether they’re looking for a new job, a promotion, or just the chance to try something new.

Here’s some advice from the Business 2 Community website on how to overcome it:


Shift your mindset. Don’t fall for the stereotypes yourself. You can learn new skills at any age, so stop thinking you’re too old to change.

List all your skills, every job you’ve had, all your experiences, and the various problems you’ve solved in your career. This will remind you what you’re capable of doing, no matter your age.


Network. Stay in touch with the connections you’ve made throughout your career. Check in often to let them know you’re still interested in doing new things.

Make an effort to expand your network with fresh contacts by continuing to go to conferences, in-person or virtual, and seeking out interesting people in your industry — and out of it — to correspond with.

This keeps your mind fresh and helps keep your name out there.


Create a personal brand. Develop a brand statement that distinguishes you from everyone else. This lets potential employers and others quickly see everything you have to offer. Include examples of your skills and specific expertise.

Your brand statement should also let people know you’re active on social media and knowledgeable about the tech tools everyone needs these days to excel.

Prepare for questions. Interviewers will want to know how much longer you plan to work, the schedule you expect, how adaptable you are, and the like.

Be ready with answers that emphasize your enthusiasm for your career and your willingness to do what it takes to succeed.


Enhance your résumé. Look for gaps to fill. You can start with a Google search for required skills in your industry. Then get the training you need to strengthen your résumé in appropriate areas, like social media, data analysis, Microsoft Office, and the like.

This not only increases your expertise, but also shows employers that you’re willing and able to learn.

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