January symbolizes new beginnings and fresh hopes for all of us. As you celebrate, consider some of these facts about the first month of the new year:

• January is named after the Roman god Janus, who ruled over beginnings and transitions and is often depicted as having two faces — one that looks forward and one that looks to the past.

• Birthstone: Garnet.

• Flower: Carnation.

• Birthdays: Paul Revere, Jan. 1, 1735; Edgar Allen Poe, Jan. 19, 1809; Richard M. Nixon, Jan. 9, 1913; Martin Luther King Jr., Jan. 15, 1929; Michelle Obama, Jan. 17, 1964.


Historical events:

  • 1547 – Henry VIII dies
  • 188 – Gold discovered in California
  • 1959 – Alaska enters the Union
  • 1967 – First Super Bowl held

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